IT Consultancy Services

Chimera Sys GmbH with its extensive experience in Management of Information Systems (MIS) specialises in Information Technology (IT) consultancy services in the following fields:

IT Security

Network security, application security, communication security, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, protection against malware and viruses, protection against industrial and government espionage, IT forensics; Network Infrastructure: Design and implement corporate network strategies with various priorities of cost, latency and speed;

We are aware that security has many facettes, not just technical aspects, but management and staff awareness, policies and how they are communicated, implemented and controlled, besides many other soft skills. Chimera Sys brings them all to the table and helps you bring the right balance to your company.

IT Procurement

Chimera Sys supports you to investigate the right software solutions for your corporation that is scalable enough to grow with your business yet cost effective. We make sure that systems can communicate with each other and prepare a master-data infrastructure for all systems to share your corporate base data. We assist to negotiate with suppliers to get all the modules that you really need at the best price;

We will help find a solution, that is still current in 10 years, bringing your overall cost down by avoiding design mistakes

Software Development

We help you to choose the right tools and infra-structure to operate your own software in a safe and effective manner. We also provide help in system design, database design and project management. Please also note our software development services, in which we provide end-to-end service.

With Chimera Sys you can get the experts on board for just a week or for as long as you need them without the costly and cumbersome need of an employment-based commitment.

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